Projet Cams

Christian Wanlin et Jean-Paul Dumoulin participent au projet CAMS (Camera for AllSky Meteor Surveillance) dont la description est disponible sur le site

Les dernières détections de météores de Christian et Jean-Paul sont publiées dans la revue du mois de Novembre 2018  de MeteorNews

Voir les pages 296 et 303

 Fireball over BeNeLux - 10 October 2018 21h 14m 11s UT


Exceptional clear sky over the BeNeLux during the night 10–11 October allowed the registration of a fast moving, bright fireball by several cameras of the CAMS BeNeLux network as well as all-sky cameras. The appearance in the evening sky around 23 h 15 m local time with a clear starry sky allowed many casual witnesses to enjoy this celestial firework. Luckily the fireball was also captured by many meteor cameras which allowed an accurate trajectory calculation.